Training & Instruction

Emily offers full training, ship-in lessons, clinics, and show coaching. We compete at schooling and recognized shows along the East Coast.

Full Training

Emily will work with you to create an individualized program for you and your horse, whether it be Emily solely working with your horse to bring it along in its training, or a combination of you taking lessons on your horse and Emily’s training rides.

Full training also includes:

  • Daily turnout (including blankets, fly sheets, boots)
  • Daily grooming
  • Arrange for vet and farrier services
  • Nutrition management
  • Off-farm field trips
  • Competition as you prefer (day rates and shipping separate), including show grooming

Ship-In Lessons or Training Sessions

Bring your horse to our farm for weekly sessions, monthly tune-ups, or show prep.


Emily will come to your farm for full-day or half-day clinics for riders of all levels.

Call Emily at 610-246-2560