About Emily

Emily is a highly regarded and successful trainer and competitor, known for her beautiful riding style and keen ability to bring out the best in horses.

Emily studied under many icons of dressage, including Jessica Ransehousen, Dorie Addy-Crow, Silva Martin, and Betsy Steiner. Emily believes in lifelong education, and she currently trains with Heather Mason. Emily has extensive show experience on all ages, sizes, and breeds of horses. This includes competing clients’ horses to wins at Region 1 Regional Finals and national Dressage Finals in Lexington, Kentucky.

Emily’s approach to training is straightforward: focus on the pyramid of dressage training, with abundant patience and consistent work. She loves the individual personalities and learning aptitudes of each horse. She helps horses—and their riders—use their strengths to work through their weaknesses. She knows that progress is not linear. She helps horses love their work and riders connect to their joy in the saddle.

The number of happy horses in Emily’s care attests to her successful program of barn management. She has hands-on time with each horse nearly every day, and she tracks their workloads and progress. Your horse is an important individual to Emily.

I started my business to train and compete dressage horses for their owners, but also to provide a place where dedicated amateur riders can pursue their own goals. My program develops riding skills along with building a horse/rider partnership.

– Emily O’Neill, Dressage Trainer

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